The People Strategists was born out of a human resources platform with a strong focus on people, their workplaces and a fundamental need to align culture and assets to better deliver for the employee and the employer.
We transform businesses by immersing ourselves in a business, and tailor making or cherry picking the best solutions to achieve on the clients' objectives. We source talent, which is specifically aligned to the strategic needs of the organisation.

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Talent Source

Behind every company, whether it's a multinational corporation or the smallest startup, is an intersection of talent.

Bringing the right people on board is critical for business success.

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HR Yethu

Modern, fast-growing companies understand that people are linked to the profit of the company. Our HR Yethu service assists companies like these to access superior human resources without taking on the cost that comes with a full HR department.

People Strategists

Our Organisational Development division delivers deliberately planned, organisation-wide programs to increase an organisation's effectiveness and efficiency and/or to enable the organisation to achieve its strategic goals.